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    "Our Motto from inception was to render high quality training, provide each and every one associated with us with an earning opportunity, and in turn support many families. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal and would continue to maintain our committed service"


    >>> Medical Transcription: Being here for 14 years with excellent record we look forward from the companies and hospitals to directly outsource MT work to us.
    >>> Medical Coding and Billing: Having had some exposure in doing Medical Coding work, we are capable of taking up Coding project work for the hospitals.




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What is Medical Transcription :

Doctors and healthcare providers in the United States maintain records of all their interaction with the patients. These medical records are required for processing and auditing insurance claims and for external referrals.

As doctors are starved for time, they dictate the details of patient condition, diagnosis, treatment plan, etc., into a recording device. A Medical Transcriptionist (MT) would then listen to this audio recording and transcribe the content using a computer. An MT should therefore be good at English, be trained in medical terminology, understand the context, refer medical and drugs dictionary, reference books, and more than all, should be committed to the job.

Indias contributions to MT :

With the increasing use of technology, transcription work moves from the U.S. to India fairly in large volumes. India has its advantages of large base of English-speaking manpower, being in a different time zone and lower costs, is emerging as a preferred destination to outsource the transcription work. In spite of high growth rate of MT industry in India, we currently handle less than 20% of the transcription volume in the U.S. There is a definite scope for the industry to grow to at least 25 to 30 times its current size.

Company Profile of SSZ INFOTECH :

We are centrally located at Secunderabad and fully equipped with 24 hours computerized lab facility to impart efficient and successful job oriented training. Over the last fourteen years, we have trained and placed more than 10,000 trainees from all disciplines. We are the one and only institute to offer continuous FULL time training, daily batching system, morning/ evening batches, facilitating the working class people, to get trained.

We also give free-spoken English to enable our trainees to perform better. We extend coaching in typing, basic computers, English, etc. In our management system, we have well-qualified, experienced professionals, staff, and visiting senior physicians to provide task based effective training.

How would your career progress?

Upon selection, you will be put through an extensive training program. The MT training program is of three/four month’s duration, scientifically structured to ensure that even those with a non-science background are trained to be good MTs. The program covers American English accent, language of medicine, computer skills, and orientation to productivity related applications. We also expose our trainees for online medical files.

The program is six days a week. A comprehensive exposure to anatomy, body functions, and thorough learning process of various systems, drugs, medical terms etc. form part of the intensive training program.

On successful completion of the training, you will be fit and qualified for absorption as an MT in our production unit or by companies who are in production line. An MT can move on to become a proofreader, a quality analyst, a unit in-charge, a deputy production manager, and a production manager.

Pay scales for MTs start from upwards of Rs. 6000/- per month. High performers can easily achieve a level of Rs. 15,000/- per month, and they can reach this within a short span of time. Besides, you will be eligible for work based incentive schemes, perks, and facilities. Few sincere and committed performers take home, incentives that are more than 100% of the basic salary.

Qualifications required to be an MT?

To be a part of our team, all you need is to qualify in our preliminary selection process, which comprises basic written test in English and an interview. The test covers aspects like punctuation, meanings, grammatical concepts, and basic general knowledge. MTs do not need any academic qualification or experience; and all that is required is good English and commitment to work. At our institute, we also provide free Spoken English course as incentive to all our trainees facilitating better understanding.

Medical Coding :

Medical coding can be defined as assigning of codes to medical diagnosis and procedures that assist in the reimbursement of a patient from insurance companies and the government. The person who does this job of coding and decoding is called as a Medical Coder. The ever-changing state of technology and procedures, which are used in allopathic medicine, makes it hard and complicated for a layman to understand the Medical Terminology used by the doctors or physicians. By giving exact codes to define procedures it becomes easier for all the parties involved to understand the procedures and compensate the person in question.

A Medical Coder should have the ability to convert a disease into ICD-9/ ICD-10 CM code and a medical diagnosis into a CPT code. This requires perfect and detailed knowledge of Codes and Billing procedures. At SSZ INFOTECH, we offer courses in medical billing and coding, provide extensive training.

Pay scales for Medical Coders start from upwards of Rs. 15,000/- per month. High performers can easily achieve a level of Rs. 20,000/- to Rs.30, 000/- per month, within a short span of time. Besides, you will be eligible for work based incentive schemes, perks, and facilities. Few sincere and committed performers take home, incentives that are more than 100% of the basic salary.

Medical Billing :

Electronic Medical Billing is a paperless billing process; wherein the bill is printed out after making the entries related to the patient’s treatment in the computer system and handed over to the patient by his doctor. Such electronic Medical Billing incorporates all the related information like, the insurance provider’s data, your detailed treatment charges, medicines and other incidental expenses incurred by the clinic while extending your treatments. All these information are essential for claiming the medical expenses incurred by the clinic, from the patient’s Medicare or Medicaid, medical insurance providers.

The electronic Medical Billing is usually prepared by entering all the necessary data in the computer system with the help of the specialized Medical Billing software program. In electronic Medical Billing, the particular information is typed out into the computer system and thereafter the installed software takes those data itself for transmitting them over to the carrier.

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