SSZ INTOTECH - 53 Madhukunj, Near YMCA SP Road, Secunderabad.

    Phone 040-27801699/9885477746.Email - sszinfotech@gmail.com. Contact Us. Our Franchise Training centres: Gulbarga, Vijayawada and Anantapur.


    "Our Motto from inception was to render high quality training, provide each and every one associated with us with an earning opportunity, and in turn support many families. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal and would continue to maintain our committed service"


    >>> Medical Transcription: Being here for 14 years with excellent record we look forward from the companies and hospitals to directly outsource MT work to us.
    >>> Medical Coding and Billing: Having had some exposure in doing Medical Coding work, we are capable of taking up Coding project work for the hospitals.



Data Entry and Data Conversion Works:

For over 2 years we have been doing bulk Data Entry and Data Conversion work and we look for ward to take up both Data Entry and Data Conversion works. We look for Data Entry, Data processing, Data Conversion, Data Capturing work being outsourced to India. In Data Entry we can take up all types of work like form fillings, editing the text, Data entries and other works of similar nature. In Data Conversion we can take up all assignments like conversion of the image (Tiff/Jpeg) files to MS Word (typing) and meet your quality parameters. We would adhere to all Technical Instructions for Image to DOC conversion, instructions during conversion process, General layout of the Image and word File, usage of fonts/tools; file saving and naming criterions etc.

We can also take up very huge copyrighted collection of ancient old books of great relevance to the present medical world. The collection being quite old is in the form of hard copies which we necessarily need to convert to the form of soft copies in order to publish it on the website. The conversion from hard to soft copies will enable to make the changes and modifications wherever required thus making the material more useful and user friendly for the beneficiaries. Lots of such books which we could convert into soft copies by using conversion software have already been converted. But the  remaining huge quantity not being convertible through any software due to different reasons, like the type of fonts etc., needs to be converted by manual typing only and this is the work we are outsourcing to different conversion companies (presently being outsourced in India only) thus saving on required big infrastructure and manpower. The EDITING of the typed books too is being outsourced in India.   

The books are being provided to the outsourced company in scanned format which could be accessed through the software provided by us. The scanned copies or the typed outcome is prohibited to be viewed separately without the software being provided as the matter is copyrighted and thus highly confidential. 

General Layout of the Image and Word file, usage of Fonts, Usage of Tools, File saving and naming criterion, Images, Rejections are the major parameters to be adhered to in these type of works.