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What is Home based medical transcription or HBT or Home transcription ?

Home based medical transcription or HBT or Home transcription is nothing but doing transcription from home.  You can just make a lot of money just by sitting and doing work at home.

Can I do home transcription?
Working at home is not for everyone. Especially if you have kids at home who will disturb you or if you have other disturbances including high noise in the neighborhoods or in the environment.  To do home transcription, you should have minimum required experience and you should be able to work without much help or no help at all. Direct up loaders are preferred by companies for home transcription as they do not require other people's help. They do not send files to Proffers or Quality Analysts.

Am I like a regular employee?
The home transcriptionists are usually independent contractors and are not direct employees of the company from where the work is taken. They get paid on line count basis for the finished work.

Can I do another job with HT?
A home based transcription is an ideal choice for those struggling with two careers. The home transcription work can be taken as a part time work while you have your regular job. However, it depends also on the rules of the joining companies.

How popular is medical transcription work at home?
The United States Department of Labor states that Medical Transcription is one of the fastest-growing professions today, and ranks in the Top 5 positions for Work at Home Careers.

What advantage do I have if my office gives me home based transcription work?
One of the major advantages of home transcription is the flexibility to work from home when you are unable to go to office (if your office agrees). Flexibility and freedom at home cannot be compared with that in office at all.

What are the Medical transcription equipments required ?
A computer. The computer's configuration varies with which account you are working for. Some accounts requires high conifiguration while others require only just low configuration. Internet connection. Offline accounts can be done with dial up connection while most online work requires broadband connection. For offline work, voice files can be downloaded and internet connection can be disconnected until you need to download files again or upload the completed document. Usually all the required voice files are downloaded together, so that internet can be disconnected. But broadband is always faster to download voice files. If you have always-on Internet connection, then you would not have problem doing online work. Now days because of increasing concern for security and privacy of documents and HIPAA, systems only store contents in RAM rather than on the hard drive.  So the system needs to be on and even the internet connection. Foot pedal to control voice player. Stedman's, Quicklook, and other dictionary and reference materials either online or books. Headphones. Computer softwares and medical transcription softwares.

What is the minimum educational requirement?
In India, generally graduates are preferred though not mandatory. However, HT is given only to those who have had training and minimum experience.

Can I do home based medical transcription as freelance ?
Home transcription work is usually done on a freelance basis. You get paid only for the work you have done. You will not have basic salary or fixed salary.

Do all companies pay properly?
Take care before you join work at home jobs.... It is best to make proper inquiry before taking home transcription. You should get the work through reliable source and companies who are in this field for longer durations.

How fast should I finish my work?
You will be required finish the work before the TAT or turn-around-time, or much before if you need send your file for proofing.

What expenditure do I have?
You will need to buy the required hardware’s and software’s. Then you will also have to pay for the internet and increasing current bill.

Why is it more useful for housewives?
Housewives can take care of cooking in between their work-breaks. The best thing about medical transcription is there are companies that provide work to do from home.  The advantage of working from home is basically the flexibility and lot of time and money savings for travel and food, being able to be with your loved one for more time and so on.  Medical transcription work from home opportunity is sometimes in addition to working in office.  It is a chance to make dual income.  Your home transcription service will be beneficial to the company as it would save in many ways by not hiring you in their office. 

Have you finished training in Medical Transcription?
If you have finished the Training, we will get you the HBT work. Incase you have not had the training you may kindly go through ON LINE Training programme of our company and have the training, before you opt for the HBT work. We are providing home based medical transcription work to people who finished training in other organizations.

You have to undergo a crash course of one week to 10 days. We will train you on our clients files on a daily basis. We are having very big client base and we will get you tie-ups with our clients.

We will allot files daily through messenger or ftp (file transfer protocol). You have to submit them within 12 hours. We will give you feedback for your work on daily basis.

We will help you in all aspects that is required for home transcription. Our support team will be available online for 24 hours and help you to sort out the problems in live job.

You will be paid per line basis, at the rate of Rs.70 to Rs.1.60 per line: and this rate per line will be increased in one to two months, once you gain the experience, give accuracy and TAT. A normal person can transcribe around 400 to 700 lines daily. So, one can earn around Rs.9000/- to Rs.12, 000/- initially, if you work for 24 days. If you do not want, to work on SUNDAY, you can take off. You will be paid by 15th of every month by bank transfer or cheque.

Your income can go up to plus Rs.15000/- to Rs.25000/- once you acquire experience, quality of transcription, TAT etc. We have tie ups to get you work once you get the skill, accuracy of transcription work.

We charge a nominal fee of Rs.5000/- for getting you the HBT work. If you are interested in doing HBT work through us, you may kindly send DD or cheque on the name of SSZ INFOTECH Hyderabad. After receiving the payment, we will start sending you the work.

For further details you may contact: Mrs D.Sujatha Director HR & TRG. Phone: 040-27801699/9885477746. You can contact us on e-mail also. Our e-mail Id’s are ssz.infotech@gmail.com/ssz_infotech@yahoo.co.in

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Medical transcription back as ever-growing industry: (Courtesy:  The times of India)

NEW DELHI: It was almost a cottage industry in the 90s, only to lose steam in 2000. But if you thought the medical transcription (MT) industry in India is history, think again. Latest studies reveal that it is raring to take off yet again. And this time, the future is well chalked out. When it took off in the 90s, anyone with a little space and enterprise opened an unit in their living room.

Unfortunately, the boom didn't last and hit rock bottom in 2001. The reason: Too many entrants, lack of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of industry and security issues. Many small players opted out. But since 2004, the sector has slowly but steadily worked its way up. Now, it generates revenues worth $195 million. The figure is expected to go upto $647 million by 2010, according to ValueNotes study. In fact, the study found that at present, India-based MT vendors employ around 18,000; by 2010, the numbers will go up to 52,000. A Nasscom study released last month too confirms this northward move of the Indian MT industry. It says India has 120 to 150 MT companies which earn an annual income of $220 to $240 million.

The Value Notes study says that by 2010, work worth $860 million will be offshored globally. "While intense competition has driven out hundreds of small players, several large players are aggressively expanding their capacity through acquisitions.

Max HealthScribe, told the Times of India.

Max HealthScribe alone employs more than 1,000 medical transcriptionists in Bangalore to handle the workload from U.S. health care providers. The company says it can cut a hospital's transcription costs in half. Nearly all Bay Area hospitals -- including those run by Sutter, Kaiser, UC San Francisco and Stanford -- outsource at least a portion of their transcription work.

 "We outsource all our transcription," said Courtney Conlon, spokeswoman for Seton Medical Center in Daly City.
"If we didn't, we'd probably need eight to 10 full-time employees on staff. It's very cost-effective for us." Seton, like many health care providers I spoke with, contracts with MedQuist, the nation's largest provider of medical-transcription services. In April, the New Jersey company reported quarterly net income of $10.51 million on revenue of $125 million.

MedQuist employs about 9,000 transcriptionists, most of whom work out of their homes in various parts of the country. More than 1,000 are in California. Courtesy:  The Times of India

Health Care INDUSTRY (Medical Transcription/Coding/Biling) adds colour to work lives and career growth: Courtesy:  The Hindu

How does a fun club and a Chief Fun Officer at your workplace sound? Great and productive, say the employees of HealthScribe, one of India's leading medical transcription companies. Ajita Shashidhar reports.

  What would be your answer if you were asked to expand the acronym CFO? Chief Finance Officer would be the obvious choice. But here is a CFO who knows nothing about finance. He is the Chief Fun Officer at the Bangalore-based medical transcription company, HealthScribe, who is in charge of its Fun Club. From organising cricket tournaments and cooking competitions to holding an on-the-spot film quiz on the work floor during working hours, the core objective of the Fun Club is to make the work-place livelier by constantly coming up with exciting activities. "Fun at work is the mantra of our organisation and all our activities are driven by the Fun Club," remarks Prasenjit Ganguly, Vice-President, Human Resources, HealthScribe.

Ganguly says that the idea behind the Fun Club and its various activities is to break the monotony at the work-place. "A transcriptor's job, after a point of time, becomes quite stressful and it is likely that a person may lose enthusiasm to work. Therefore, we decided to work on a `fun at work' concept, by tapping the extra-curricular talents of our employees," he adds. The employees, says Ganguly, can participate in a variety of activities such as sports, dramatics or oration. The Fun Club has a fun calendar, which has a list of the major activities it plans to organise throughout the year, as well as the weekly list of activities. "We also organise impromptu antaakshari or a film quiz to enliven the work-place," says Ganguly. The Fun Club organises at least one major activity such as a cookery competition or a sports meet, every month.

Apart from sports and dramatics, the club also provides formal training in Hindustani classical music, Carnatic music, Bharatnatyam and yoga. "We have professionals such as Hindustani classical music guru Parameshwar Hegde and the Karnataka State Rajyotsava Award winner for Bharatnatyam, Kalamani Guru C. Radhakrishna, who come to teach our employees," remarks Ganguly. Apart from this, HealthScribe, remarks Ganguly, also encourages its employees to participate in various corporate meets and festivals. "During the corporate fest, Zestivity, HealthScribe emerged with flying colours in almost all the events by competing with 60 other corporates. We also won the Kingfisher Cricket Corporate Cup by defeating Mphasis by two wickets," says Ganguly. Courtesy:  The Hindu

The Medical side of Transcription (Courtesy:  The Hindu.)

The medical transcription field is picking up again after gong through a boom -and -bust phase in the past few years. A look at the scene now There are plenty of job opportunities in this field. The pay is commensurate with the output. It can be done as a part time job, and there is the option to work from home. And its nuances can be learnt in a few months .All these combine to make medical transcription an alluring option. As one of India's fastest growing information Technology enabled services (ITES), it has the potential to change the outlook towards the health sector. Like call centres, insurance claims processing and legal transcription, medical transcription is also an emerging field born out of the fusion of globalisation and 24/7 economy.

Fluency in English, logical reasoning and comprehension skills will help one pick up half spoken fragments or even monosyllables and convert them in to complete sensible sentences and make a successful medical transcriptionist.Despite the trained manpower that India boasts of, there is shortage of people with the requisite skills in the field of medical transcription. This despite the fact that medical transcription made its foray in to India in 1993.

Shortage of hands

Quoting figures from the American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) Jose Maannully of EDS Solutions, a medical transcription firm at Kadavanthara in Ernakulam, says that there is a shortage of one-lakh medical transcription personnel in the US. "The work out sourced amounts to just 4 to 5 % of the total volume. In India, there is shortage of 50,000 trained people. The available manpower is 12,000 he says.

This shows that there is a tremendous potential in the field and that the sky is the limit for job aspirants in India. Unless we grab the golden opportunity, Filipinos, Vietnamese and those from other developing countries will dominate the sector. Sadly the minimum level of learning (MLL) of youths who study in Kerala is very low. Worse still is their knowledge of written English and basic grammar. Ninety five percent of those who clear the test and interview are those who have studied outside the state. Short term or online courses in English may help those who prepare for jobs in call centres but not in medical transcription firms, Jose says Anoop S.R of WO, Vyttila says it is difficult to teach a person to gain fluency in English. The medical part of the job can be taught. The demand for medical transcription services is increasing because of the rise in health insurance claims in the US he says. Complaints in the US and in Europe began to outsource medical transcription because of the high cost of operations there. Medical transcriptionists feed in to the computer the medical history of patients dictated by health specialists in foreign countries and create a file. This is to enable insurance companies there to make payments.


The hierarchy in most medical transcription firms is as follows: Transcriptionist (who attends the client and enters details in the computer), editor (who goes through the copy), Proof reader (who revises the copy) analyst and production manager The incentives depend on the number of lines (one line=65 letters) that one types out. The starting salary for a trained medical transcriptionist in Cochin is around 5000/-. It can go up to 30,000/- or even more, depending on the quantity and quality of work. Emergency files are returned within 8 hours and medical transcription firms charge a higher fee for this.

Part time job

The medical transcriptionist job can also be done part time. The basic thing is that one should be fluent in English. And it would be ideal if I one has basic knowledge of MS office and MS word and have a background in science. Knowledge of American usages helps. People are attracted to this job because after a few months they can do it from home.

Advantage India

India has a time-zone advantage too- it is morning here when it is evening in the United States. Doctors there need to just read out details of their patients at the end of the day. Fast connectivity to Internet is another advantage, thanks to submarine cables entering the country through Kochi and Mumbai.Attrition rates are quiet high in this field since a person with a few years experience commands a high salary in metropolitan cities. Many firms offer free food coupons, incentives and pick up and drop back facility to retain their employees

Cbay Systems, incorporated in the U.S. as early as 1998 Cbay Systems, incorporated in the U.S. as early as 1998, in the thick of the last round of IT euphoria, has emerged as the fourth largest medical transcription company in the U.S. and has started implementing its gigantic expansion plans based on its model of 95 per cent outsourcing from India. And it seems quite unfazed by the ongoing BPO controversy in the U.S. With 33 franchisees and five of its own centres in India, Cbay now employees about 1,200 people (which it has trained) and recorded revenues of $33 million and a 70 per cent growth rate. Its expansion plans are a mindboggling 10,000 people working to generate revenues of about $100 million by 2005, says, V. Raman Kumar, the U.S. based Chairman and founder of Cbay Systems. Mr. Kumar was here recently, visiting their new facility Ckar, which is managed by Karvy Consultants, under a management tie-up (without being a joint venture). It is talking to companies in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai for further expansion.

In Andhra Pradesh it is looking at stepping up the headcount from 700 in four franchisees and Ckar, to about 5,000 people, and is looking at places like Guntur also to set up operations. Mr. Raman says it has 50 clients (mostly missionaries) in the U.S., none of them government. While they do not fear any backlash, he says only one hospital dropped out ? but on religious grounds and not due to the ongoing controversy. The U.S. medical transcription industry alone is put at about $20 billion, of which only $3 billion is outsourced to U.S. based companies. Hardly $40 million is outsourced to India, which is quite small, he points out. So far Cbay has raised $20 million from venture capitalists and equity investors, and is planning to raise another $25 million for its next round of big expansion in India. The Indian market is put at about $40 million with about 5,000 trained medical transcriptionists working and appears all set to grow. As Mr. Raman says there is now a critical shortage of qualified MTs in the U.S., which is expected increase drastically as demand grows at double-digit rates. The shortage is expected to be to the tune of one lakh medical transcription by 2004 end, and India is obviously the destination to fill this void.

Medical Transcription Training: The Road Ahead

Medical transcription outsourcing is characterized by high attrition rates because of the essentially repetitive and monotonous nature of work. The HR departments of medical transcription service providers are constantly taking new initiatives aimed at retaining trained and proficient medical transcriptionists.Medical transcription professionals generally work in shifts to cater to hospitals in the U.S. and UK. They are encouraged to take short mandatory breaks away from their workstations, to alleviate the stress of listening to continuous dictations which in turn may affect the quality of transcription. Office and group get-togethers and theme-based events are organized by the HR to improve employee morale, create and sustain interest in the work environment and to eventually enhance employee performance and quality of output. Contact Outsource2india here for medical transcription services that meet your specific needs.

Find out more about outsourcing medical billing, medical coding and medical claims processing services to O2I.

Outsourcing Medical Transcription to India

Advancement in technology is rapidly changing the global economy and work place. The field of medical transcription has undergone tremendous progress because of constant advances in communication and Internet technology. Outsourcing medical transcription has proved to be an extremely popular and profitable option for the medical industry.

Why is outsourcing medical transcription profitable?

The concept and benefits of outsourcing medical transcription is well known to the medical industry. The direct and immediate advantage of outsourcing medical transcription is cost reduction, reliability in turnaround time and total security.

Why outsource medical transcription to India?

In the last few years India has shown amazing success in this field. The large pool of IT professionals, the internet revolution and the encouraging policy changes have catapulted India to a top position as a quality source of medical transcription services. Advantages of outsourcing medical transcription to India: Language - India has a vast pool of English speaking resources. Medical transcriptionists are graduates and most of them are science majors. Their qualification teamed with fluency in the language makes Medical Transcription Training easier and the quality of results delivered is high. Cost Savings- The wage levels of medical transcriptionists in India are considerably lower than those in the US or other developed countries. Indian companies can offer comparable services and streamlined Medical Transcription Processes at highly competitive rates. This translates into big savings for hospitals. Global medical transcription companies can bolster their bottom-lines by sub-contracting to Indian medical transcription companies. Turnaround time - Turnaround time is critical in this industry. Since India is several hours ahead of America and Europe, Indian medical transcription industries can offer the natural advantage of quicker turnaround time.

Work @ Home Acusis India

Until recently home-based medical transcription was popular only amongst US based transcriptionists. However it now has a strong foothold in India , and it is good news for those who are looking to complement their income by working from home or even for those who are compelled to stay at home due to personal reasons or family commitments. According to Rajiv Shetye,Vice President, Operations, Spryance India , a leading medical transcription company in Mumbai," The benefit of home based medical transcription (HMT) is that people can choose to work whenever they want to. The HMT model allows people to include three to four intervals of significant duration within their workday." HMT is an excellent career option for women in India because it allows them the flexibility to manage their families as well as have financial independence. Shetye says, "Not only does flexibility of this sort allow people,who otherwise get eliminated from the workforce, to become part of it once again, it even engenders entrepreneurship amongst them.That is some advancement, especially since the people that it benefits the most are highly qualified."

Earning Potential

Transcriptionists who are employed with organisations get fixed salaries. Freshers can earn anywhere between Rs.6,000-12,000 per month.There is tremendous potential for growth in this field. For those who work from home, pay is directly proportionate to productivity. Transcriptionists who work from home are paid on the basis of speed and accuracy. The pay ranges from 60 paisa to Rs.1.25 per line depending on the accuracy. Ananda Sanjeev, (DGM-Operations), Acusis says, "At Acusis, a home based professional working 7-8 hours a day for about 22 days in a month with a consistent transcription quality can easily earn Rs.18,000 to Rs.20,000.Over the years,they can expect their incomes to grow by 14 percent to 20 percent every year from their average earnings."

   Some companies require security deposits (of around Rs. 10,000) before you join them. In companies like Infovison, it is refundable after you complete one-and-a-half years of service (including the onthe-job-training). However in companies, which encourage work-from-home, the deposit is most of the times non-refundable, because the company installs a host of licensed software in the HMT's P.C.